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August 09, 2023

Hit the Open Road in Your EV Without Range Anxiety

Range anxiety. It strikes fear into the hearts of EV drivers everywhere. You know the feeling: stressing about if your battery will make it to the next charger, having your road trip cut short, or simply missing out on adventures. With a few handy tips, you can kiss range anxiety goodbye and enjoy the max range in your electric vehicle. Read on to learn more.

Plan Ahead Like Magellan

Before setting out on a journey in your EV, channel history’s great explorers and plan your route thoroughly. Apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint are your trusty maps, showing charging stations along your way. Scope them out so you’ve always got a power-up point within reach. Think like Magellan navigating uncharted waters and consider the terrain. Steep hills and mountains drain your battery faster than flatlands. So if you’ve got options, choose the flatter, downhill route to let regen braking work its magic. You’re in the driver’s seat, so take charge of the situation. With some smart planning, range anxiety doesn’t stand a chance.

Drive Smoothly Like Butter

Driving style makes a huge difference in your EV's range. Avoid sudden stops, starts, speeding, and racecar jumps off the line. Instead, glide like soft butter over the pavement. At lower city speeds, eco mode limits acceleration for optimal efficiency. Cruise control keeps speeds steady on the highway; 60 mph is ideal for many EVs. So be one with the car. Driving smooth and steady will squeeze every last drop of range out of your battery. You got this!


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Mind Your Climate Control

Heating and AC drain your battery, no doubt about it. But you’ve got options to stay comfy without killing your range. If you can plug in, precondition your car while charging so you’re not sapping battery juice. Pop on the seat heater instead of turning the heat way up. In warm weather, rolling down the windows lets in fresh air without AC overload. Try to park in the shade, even if it means a longer walk to your destination. Sure, you’ll give up some climate control convenience. But it’s a small price to pay for vanquishing range anxiety and driving with confidence.

Baby Your Battery

Your EV’s battery is your precious cargo. Treat it right, and it will serve you well. Keep it away from temperature extremes in covered parking. Stop charging at 80% and avoid draining below 20% for battery longevity. Always read up on the manufacturer’s care instructions because different EVs have different needs. Taking great care of your battery means it will take great care of you, with optimal range and performance, mile after mile.

Hit the Wide Open Road

Now it’s time to plan that scenic coastal route, book the campsite halfway across the state, visit your college buddy three states over, and make memories with your EV. With savvy planning, smart driving, and a well-tended battery, your EV can handle it. Range anxiety says, “Stay close to home.” But you say, “There’s a whole world of adventure out there.” Leave the range anxiety at home and get out there. The world is your playground; now it’s time to explore.

A Bright Future and a Thoughtful Farewell to the Past

As we embrace the future of transportation with open arms, many of us find ourselves transitioning from gasoline vehicles to the efficiency and environmental benefits of electric ones. But as we set our sights on EV-driven horizons, what do we do with the cars that have faithfully served us in the past? Before you trade in your old car, consider a gesture of goodwill. Donating your old vehicle to Newgate School can be a wonderful way to give back to the community and support vocational education. Not only would it be a symbol of your commitment to a sustainable future, but also a nod to the transformative power of education and opportunity. Remember, every ending has a new beginning. Why not make yours meaningful?