Newgate School is now open for both in-office and touchless donations.

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Tax Deduction Details

Your Old Car Still Has Value: Donate it Today

If you haven’t had luck getting money for your old car, consider donating it to Newgate School. We will maximize your tax deduction while your gift helps our community. See how our donation process provides a hassle-free way for you to get value from your old car.

You Bring the Car and Title: We Handle the Administration

Trying to sell or trade your old vehicle is often more hassle than it’s worth. Not only are you haggling to get a fair price, but you also have to spend time with the DVS to process the title. When you’re ready to donate your car to Newgate School, just bring in your vehicle and the title. That’s it! We are licensed by the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services to process titles on site. We will also help you fill out the IRS form to provide documentation of your donation so you can claim your deduction when you file your taxes.

How We Get the Maximum Value for your Tax Deduction

Even with recent changes in the tax law, you can still claim deductions for charitable donations. To get the full benefit of your gift to Newgate School, we find the best way to get the maximum value from your donation. There are two ways that we determine your vehicle’s value: 

1. If your vehicle is used in our Maintenance program, we inspect it and fix any problems that we find. Then we give it a complete detail to get the most value from the car. The amount of your deduction is the amount we get when we sell the vehicle.

2. If your vehicle is used for our training program or Wheels for Women, the amount of your deduction will be the fair market value allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

Financially Self-Sustaining Since 1982

Most of Newgate School’s income is generated from the sale of the cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans that we refurbish. When you donate your vehicle to the school, you help your young neighbors from low-income homes in the Twin Cities train for a stable career in automotive maintenance.

Helping Single Mothers

Juggling the demands of work and getting children to school and daycare is a difficult challenge for single mothers. Your tax-deductible gift provides local single moms with reliable transportation, which makes a tremendous difference in their lives.

Breathe New Life into Old Wheels

Is your car in need of costly repairs? Are you buying a new car and find that you’re disappointed with trade-in offer on your old car? Get more value from your unwanted vehicle by donating it to the Newgate School. We’ll not only unburden you from the headache associated with trying to sell your car, but we’ll also take care of the paperwork. We’ll also make sure you get the maximum tax deduction value available for your gift. When you help your neighbors earn well-paying, stable jobs and we help you lower your tax bill, everyone wins!