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Wheels for Women

Wheels for Women

Transportation Help for Single Mothers

You’re a hard-working single mother who has her family on the road to self-sufficiency. Let us provide a reliable car to help you get there. Newgate School offers vehicles to working single moms in the Minneapolis, MN area through our Wheels for Women program. Learn more, including how to apply.

Providing a Critical Lifeline to Self-Sufficiency

As any parent knows, reliable transportation is a must-have item, when you have to get yourself to work and your children to school and daycare. Public transportation is helpful, but the Metro isn’t always on-time, and if you have kids over six, the fares add up quickly. Rideshare services can also quickly eat into your family’s budget. Wheels for Women provides a vital resource for working moms in and around Minneapolis, MN, by providing a reliable car, van, or SUV at no charge to women who qualify.

Wondering if You Qualify? Here’s the Selection Criteria

To be considered for a vehicle gift from Newgate School, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You are a current resident of the seven-county Metro area (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington counties) and have lived in this area for at least one year.
  • You are a single female head-of-household with one or more dependent children (under 18 years) living with you.
  • Your school-age children are enrolled in school.
  • You are currently working full time and have been working full time for at least 6 months.
  • You have a valid State of Minnesota driver's license.
  • The State of Minnesota requires proof of auto insurance before the ownership of a vehicle can be transferred to a new owner.  
  • Your current annual income doesn’t exceed $35,000.
  • You do not own a vehicle or do not have a vehicle available to your household.
  • You’re able to provide information for verification when requested to do so.

Please note that the State of Minnesota requires proof of auto insurance before the ownershop of a vehicle can be transferred to a new owner.


How to Apply

If you meet all of the qualifications listed above, you can apply to Wheels for Women using our secure online form. Please note that we only accept applications online. If you are using a public computer, such as a computer at a public library, be sure to have key information with you. You’ll need your Minnesota driver’s license number, the address of your current employer, and the date you started working there. You’ll also need contact information for your supervisor and any people you want to list as professional references. If you are enrolled in school or a training program, you’ll want to have that information handy, too.

What Happens After You Apply

After you submit your application, this is what you can expect:

  1. The Newgate Wheels for Women coordinator reviews the applications.
  2. The Newgate Selection Committee screens and ranks all qualified applicants.
  3. Selected applicants will be contacted for additional information and verification.
  4. Selected applicants are notified and will receive a vehicle at no cost.

If you are not selected to receive a vehicle, you may apply again; however, we ask that you wait at least six months before you reapply.

Helping Hundreds of Metro-Area Families

Through vehicle donations to Newgate School, we are able to help single working moms. Donated vehicles are inspected and refurbished through our Auto Mechanic and Auto Body Training programs. Selected reconditioned vehicles are then donated through Wheels for Women as our students’ way of giving back to the community. To date, we have awarded nearly two million dollars’ worth of vehicles to working mothers in and around Minneapolis, MN. If you need assistance, please complete our application. If you have a vehicle you would like to donate, please contact us.