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DonateWhat Kinds of Vehicles?

Newgate School accepts almost any car, truck, SUV, or van in repairable condition.

Newer models are especially useful as training tools, as they give our students the opportunity to learn the latest in auto technology. We love cars with blown engines, transmission or other mechanical problems, body dents and scratches, and minimal rust. But if your vehicle runs and you can drop it at the school, we would love to have it regardless of condition! If it doesn't run, give us a call to see if we can tow it for you.

Everybody wins as donors receive a generous tax deduction, vehicles are used by students to learn automotive skills, most vehicles get a second life when sold at auction, and 100% of the sale revenues come back into the school to support the operations so Newgate can continue to offer training tuition free.

If you want to help support our program, please donate your vehicle today!

Have questions? Call us at 612-378-0177. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your vehicle.


Buying a new car and not happy with your trade-in offer? Donate your vehicle to Newgate instead! When your donated vehicle is used in our automotive training programs or our "Wheels for Women" transportation assistance program, you receive the fair market value as a tax deduction. 

In the rare instances when we're unable to use your vehicle for training, we can still sell your car "as is" or use it for parts. Your vehicle's selling price determines your deduction.

Call us at 612-378-0177 to discuss the potential value of your car as a donation.