Our Mission

Our mission:

Newgate School is dedicated to helping low-income young adults succeed in their quest for self-sufficiency.

Our school:

Newgate is a nonprofit automotive technical school located in the Twin Cities. We offer auto body and auto mechanics training for unemployed or under-employed adults.

Our students:

Students pay no tuition or fees. What they get from showing up and working hard is priceless: vocational skills, a work ethic and the personal confidence needed to succeed in a career. Newgate graduates become certified as auto technicians within 18 months. Then it's off to work in jobs that start between $25,000 and $30,000. Newgate has an exceptional job placement rate. You'll find Newgate graduates in the auto industry throughout the Twin Cities.

Students give back: As part of their training, students refurbish donated cars and vans for Newgate's "Wheels for Women" transportation assistance program. These vehicles are provided at no cost to promising single working moms to help them transition off welfare.

All of us at Newgate share the pride of our graduates who are now supporting their families, doing well in their work, paying taxes and contributing to our community. 

Learn about our graduates.

Our funding:

Newgate School's daily operations are funded by the resale of donated cars, many of which are restored or repaired by students as part of their career training.

 Your vehicle donations are the single source of funds for our life-changing operations.