The Positives of Car Donation


Benefits of Car Donation

A Loving Legacy of Doing Good in the Community

Inspired by their parents’ legacy of serving their community, a Minnesota family chooses to donate their parents’ beloved BMW to Newgate School.


A Foundation of Faith: A Commitment to Service

Curt and Marlene Krantz raised their five children with a solid moral foundation that included love, integrity, service, and hard work. The lessons their parents instilled have stuck with the Krantz children well into their adulthood.

An entrepreneur and avid nature lover, Curt spun his own business from his family’s business. Guided by their strong Christian faith, Curt and Marlene created ABTA (A Benefit to All). The mission of ABTA was simple: do as much good in the community as possible.


A Passion for Classic Cars

One of Curt Krantz’s passions was automobiles. Many classics graced the Krantz family driveway over the years, including a 1948 Ford Woodie station wagon and an olive green 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang fastback. A small aircraft pilot, Curt enjoyed entertaining his kids by pretending he was talking to a control tower as though he was preparing to take off in the Mustang.

As their children grew up and left home, Curt and Marlene could transition away from family-sized cars. He was thrilled when he was able to buy a “fancy” used BMW. The Krantz’s split time driving the BMW, which became Marlene’s car, and Curt’s GMC Tahoe throughout their retirement.

Eventually, Marlene stopped driving the BMW, and their children planned to sell it once their parents passed away. However, the car fell into disrepair, and the family planned to sell it off as a “fixer-upper eventually.”


Continuing Their Parents’ Legacy

Curt and Marlene Krantz passed away within two days of each other. While trying to decide what to do with their parents’ Tahoe (which also needed repair) and BMW, their daughter, Kristine, found the website for Newgate School.

As she read through the entire site, Kristine realized how Newgate’s mission aligned with her parents’ values. The Krantz kids realized that donating their mom and dad’s vehicles instead of trying to sell them was the ideal solution to letting go of the cars while holding onto the valuable lessons Marlene and Curt taught them. This solution would, indeed, be A Benefit to All.


A Unique Educational Opportunity

When Kristine contacted Newgate School about donating her parents’ vehicles, she knew the BMW would provide a unique educational opportunity for our students. It required a new engine, extensive detailing, and some bodywork after a family member accidentally ran into it in the driveway.

As anyone who has ever had to repair a BMW knows, parts can be pretty pricey. Although it’s rare, there are times when the cost of sourcing parts makes it unfeasible to repair and refurbish a car through our training programs.

But this car was a gift to Newgate School in many ways. The story of Curt and Marlene Krantz deeply touched our staff. The perfect alignment of their values and our mission to help people in the Twin Cities area train for a well-paying and stable career motivated our team to find a way to make this gift a benefit to our students and, by extension, the community.

A Benefit and a Blessing to the Community

We are happy to report that we used Curt and Marlene’s BMW in our auto mechanic and auto body training programs. It provided a valuable hands-on learning experience for our students. Proceeds from its sale will support Newgate School’s curriculum and operations.

The Krantz family blessed Newgate School staff and students with the opportunity to learn about so much more than auto repair. Curt and Marlene’s loving legacy of helping underserved people in the community rolls on in giving this old BMW a new life.