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April 28, 2023

Meet Our Students! (2023)

Meet Benedicto, one of our newest students in the Auto Mechanics program at Newgate School. Benedicto has always known he wanted to work on cars for a living. As a boy he worked on cars with his Dad, and then went on to pick up additional skills from his uncle, who worked as an auto mechanic. To start earning a living though, he wanted more formal training to add advanced skills and knowledge; but like many kids his age, he couldn't afford the costly tuition of many technical schools.

That didn't stop him though and he started doing research online to find local options for training. That led him to Newgate and our tuition-free training programs. Once he came in and talked with our staff and instructors everyone knew he would be a great fit with the school! Waiting for an opening to become available was the hardest part and once his turn came around he dove right in to the hands-on training. At Newgate there are no textbooks and lectures. Everything is learned by actually working on the vehicles that need repair. That way students come out of the program with the experience and technical skills needed to be successful in their future careers.

Newgate's reputation as a school that produces hard working and technically sound employees is well known. The placement rate for our students is in the upper 90th percent! And that means the majority of our students can start earning a good living as soon as they graduate. But that's not even the best part of the program! According to Benedicto, "the best part about Newgate is the way I can pay it forward even as a student here. I learn how to fix the cars I'll be working on in the future, and those cars are brought to the auction to be sold for revenue that comes back to the school to help future students. I'm learning but also helping make sure that future students get the same chance that I'm getting right now".

We think it's pretty awesome, too! If you have a vehicle you'd like to donate to the school to help future students like Benedicto, please give us a call at 612-378-0177 and we'll be happy to give you the details. Plus, you'll receive the best tax deduction possible depending on the final use of the vehicle you provide. We'll assist you in capturing that value as well as with all the required paperwork. 10 minutes in our office is usually all it takes!