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March 12, 2024

Donating Car, MN

Make a Difference in Minnesota with Your Car Donation

Have you been searching the internet for "donating car MN?" If you have a vehicle that's just sitting around, consider giving it a new purpose by donating it to the Newgate School. Explore our website to learn more.

Deciding what to do with an old car can be a puzzle. Selling it might seem like the obvious choice, but the process can be more hassle than it's worth. That's where the Newgate School comes into play, making the donation process easy and rewarding for both you and the community.

Transform Lives: No More Searching for "Donating Car MN"

The Newgate School isn’t just another place asking for you to "donate car;" it's a lifeline for at-risk adults across Minnesota. By providing tuition-free education in auto mechanics and auto body work, we empower our students with the skills they need for a brighter future. Your car donation becomes a hands-on learning tool, offering students a real-world experience as they work to refurbish vehicles to like-new condition.

But the impact doesn't stop there. Once these cars are restored, they're sold, and the proceeds go directly back into funding our educational programs. It's a cycle of giving that keeps on giving, supporting the school's mission and ensuring we can continue offering these vital services to our community.

Wheels for Women: A Special Initiative

When you donate your car to the Newgate School, it could also play a crucial role in our Wheels for Women program. This initiative focuses on providing single mothers in Minnesota with safe, reliable transportation. For many, receiving a car through this program is life-changing, opening doors to employment opportunities, better access to healthcare, and the ability to provide for their families more effectively.

Whether your car is sold to support our educational programs or gifted to a deserving mother, you can take pride in knowing that your donation is making a significant difference in the lives of Minnesotans.

Reap the Benefits of Your Generosity

Aside from the satisfaction of helping others, donating your car comes with tangible benefits for you as well. Your donation is tax-deductible, allowing you to claim the sale value of the vehicle as a charitable contribution. We'll assist you with all the necessary paperwork, ensuring you can maximize your tax advantage with minimal fuss.

Donating a Car Means Skipping the Hassle of Selling

Selling a car privately can be a real headache. From preparing the vehicle for sale to dealing with inquiries and haggling over prices, it's often more trouble than it's worth. By choosing to donate your car to the Newgate School, you bypass all these annoyances. Plus, the tax deduction you receive could be more beneficial than any sale price you might have achieved on your own.

Don't let an unused vehicle take up space in your driveway any longer. Donate your car to the Newgate School and be a part of something truly special in Minnesota. Together, we can drive positive change, one car at a time.