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April 04, 2024

Auto Donation Minneapolis, MN

Ignite Change with Your Vehicle Donation

Your unused vehicle can pave the way for remarkable transformations. Something as simple as an auto donation to The Newgate School in Minneapolis, MN, can change the world.

Whether you have an old clunker sitting around taking up space or an unused car that could be put to a better purpose, it’s time to make a move. A car just sitting in your driveway is a waste of a valuable resource, while an auto donation can turn that old car into a new hope. At

The Newgate School in Minneapolis, MN, auto donations are the lifeblood of our operations. Our tuition-free adult education programs used donated vehicles as hands-on textbooks to teach our students everything they need to get honest jobs and turn their lives around. These cars are then sold with proceeds going back into the program, ensuring that we can continue to help at-risk adults throughout the community. Instead of letting your vehicle collect rust and dust, put your old vehicle to use and consider donating it today.


Donate Your Car

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A Vehicle for Change

At Newgate School, your car donation is more than just a contribution—it's a vital resource. Our tuition-free mechanic school thrives on these donations, turning each car into a hands-on learning experience. Your old vehicle has the potential to be a catalyst, empowering our students with knowledge and skills that drive them toward self-reliance and prosperous careers.

Driving Dreams Forward in Minneapolis, MN, with Auto Donation

Each vehicle at Newgate School showcases the power of giving. Donated cars become educational assets and help fuel our mission after they've been refurbished and sold. With no tuition fees, our students are free to focus on learning without the stress of financial barriers, thanks to your generous auto donation.

Donating is easy and rewarding. Bring your car to our Minneapolis location or call us for other options. We’ll handle all the details, including the title transfer.

Auto Donation: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

When you donate your car to Newgate School, the rewards are tangible. Not only do you partake in a noble cause, but you also benefit from a tax deduction, courtesy of our non-profit status. We handle all the documentation, ensuring you can take full advantage of the tax benefits with minimal fuss. In many cases, the amount you save on your taxes surpasses what you could get as a trade-in or in a private sale.

Turn the Key to Future Success

Your auto donation to Newgate School sets in motion a path of empowerment and success for our students. Your gift’s ripple effect extends across the region as graduates take on new opportunities and set their lives in new directions. Your vehicle donation holds the power to unlock the potential of real change. Get in touch with Newgate School, and together, we'll drive towards a brighter future for everyone.