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January 30, 2024

Car Donation Minneapolis

Transform Lives with Your Car Donation

If you're in Minnesota and have a car you no longer need, consider making a car donation to The Newgate School in Minneapolis, where your vehicle can set in motion a chain of positive changes.

In Minnesota's vibrant communities, acts of kindness are the engine of progress. While every coin in a charity pot counts, there are grander ways to make a difference. Imagine your unused car not just disappearing from your driveway but becoming a cornerstone of hope and opportunity at The Newgate School.

The Newgate School offers free mechanic and auto-body training for at-risk adults, helping them turn their lives around and make something for themselves. Our excellent track record for getting students into meaningful jobs showcases just how hard we work. As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of others, often through their car donations, to keep the program alive. Learn more about our programs online, or give us a call to start your car donation process right away.

Educate and Empower

Known for its exemplary tuition-free mechanic school, The Newgate School empowers adults facing barriers to employment by equipping them with sought-after automotive skills. A car donation by various community members becomes the "textbooks" in a practical curriculum, transforming lives one car at a time.

Your old sedan or family SUV gets a new lease on life in the hands of our students. They learn how to repair, restore, and upgrade donated vehicles, giving both the students and the cars a second chance at life.

Community Support Fuels Success

The lifeblood of The Newgate School's mission is the kindness of individuals who donate their vehicles. These donations are more than just metal and machinery; they're funding for a brighter future. Post-repair, these cars are sold, with proceeds directly reinvested in our educational programs. Students never have to pay tuition, ensuring that those who need this program for a better life don't have financial barriers holding them back.

Donating is simple and straightforward. Drive your car to our Minneapolis location, and we'll handle the rest, including the title transfer. It's a hassle-free process with immeasurable benefits.

Benefits Beyond the Dashboard

The gratification of donating your car to The Newgate School is instant: a mix of altruism and community spirit. Of course, the perks extend beyond feel-good moments. As a recognized non-profit, your contribution is tax-deductible, potentially lowering your tax bill. We provide all the necessary paperwork to make claiming your deduction a breeze.

Make the Impact, Be the Change: Consider Making a Car Donation in Minneapolis

It's community heroes like you who keep The Newgate School's gears turning. Your generosity doesn't just end with a thank-you note; it reverberates throughout Minneapolis as graduates from our program drive off into successful careers, turning their fortunes around. You have the power to kick-start this transformation.

Your car donation is the key that unlocks potential and drives change. Reach out to The Newgate School today, and let's steer towards a better tomorrow together.