5 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Charity


choosing a charity

Whether you're choosing a charity to work with, want to donate to, or want to raise funds for, it's important to do your research so that you know your efforts are actually going towards a good cause. While there are a number of great charities to choose from and support, there are unfortunately a handful that might not be the best to invest your time and energy in.

While most charities are working towards a good cause, being able to spot the ones that are more efficient in their goals allows you to better target your own efforts when deciding what charity to work with. So just how do you figure out which charity to support? We’ve got 5 criteria to consider when choosing a charity.

1. Transparency

One of the most important aspects of a great charity is transparency. If a charitable organization can be transparent with the public about its allocation of funds, its administrative costs, its mission, vision, and goals, then this is a charity that is set up for success. If you're finding it difficult to figure out the information you're looking for, this probably isn't a charity that's fully transparent.

2. Understand How Donations are Used

Well-organized charities have a very clear outline on how donations are used. As you select a charity, explore how these donations are allocated and don't be afraid to ask questions. Going along with transparency, if you are able to quickly arrive at the answers to your questions, this is likely a charity that you'll want to work with.

3. Alignment With Your Values and Goals

Picking a charity that aligns with your personal values and goals is one of the best things to consider when choosing a charity. When a charity's mission speaks to your heart and your core values, the end result will always be one that is more fulfilling, productive, and fruitful.

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4. A Strong Public Presence

One of the best ways to vet whether or not a charity is a reputable organization is by assessing its public presence. As a general rule of thumb, you should look for an organization that has a strong public presence. This means they have a well-run website, and a social media presence, and regularly convey their message online, through digital prints, and through traditional outlets including television and radio ads.

5. Results and Accomplishments

If you're looking to work with a reputable and accomplished charity, then you're going to want to explore their past results and accomplishments. Reputable charities will have these accolades posted on all their digital platforms. If you're having a hard time finding these results, this is an indication that it might not be as strong a charity as you may have imagined.

Final Thoughts

At Newgate School, we're committed to supporting, promoting, and working with students of all backgrounds who are interested in transitioning into the automotive industry. In partnership with reputable and well-intentioned charities, this is a commitment that we come closer to each and every day. We hope our list of how to effectively consider different charities has helped you as you move forward in your own efforts to support and invest in charities you care about.

We firmly believe in transparency, and in fact, we even offer tours on a regular basis. If you want to learn more, attend a tour or donate your vehicle, contact us directly.