Simple Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle


Vehicle maintenance involves repairs, oil changes and many other recommended services. However, it is common for even extremely responsible car owners to overlook the details and lose money on a vehicle they otherwise maintained carefully. Here are some simple tips for preserving the value of any vehicle, and most take only seconds to complete.

Check Tire Pressure

You have more to worry about than just fuel economy when tires are underinflated. The tires will wear out faster and the risk of a blowout increases. Getting a flat tire while on the road could lead to an accident or other types of damage to the vehicle.

Checking the tire pressure is a very simple task that takes only a couple of seconds per tire. Keep a gauge in the vehicle, and check the pressure about once a week before leaving for work. Always recheck when the outside air temperature drops rapidly because cold weather will cause the pressure to decrease. If your tire pressure is correct and you are experiencing a right or left steering pull while driving, your wheels may be out of alignment. This will result in premature tire wear. You should bring your car to a qualified mechanic who will correct the problem.

Clean Off Droppings

It would seem as if birds really despise vehicles. The messes they leave behind are unsightly as well as dangerous to the surface of the paint. Bird droppings contain uric acid that quickly discolors the paint and, if left for too long, will cause extensive damage. The dropping dissolves wax and eventually the paint, leaving behind a dimpled, damaged surface.

Review Fluid Levels

Checking fluid levels in between service appointments prevents breakdowns and unfortunate damage from a leak or other mechanical problem. A few minutes, when the vehicle is on a level surface and the engine is cool, is all it takes to check the oil, coolant and brake fluid and power steering fluid. Refer to your vehicle's owner/operator manual for information regarding your vehicle's specifications and follow recommended procedures when checking fluids. Top off the washer fluid too while under the hood so it is always available.

Keep It Orderly

Always remove garbage and clutter when exiting the vehicle. This is important to help prevent the buildup of odor, mold growth from old beverages or food, and stains if those things are knocked over. Leaving food in a vehicle is also enticing to rodents who love to use car wiring, insulation and seat cushions in their nests.

Clean It Up

Every couple of months it is important to dust the surfaces and vacuum the floors and the seats. Use a UVprotectant cleaner on the solid surfaces to prevent cracking and fading. Deep clean upholstered cloth seats with a shampooer, and apply a fabric protectant to make stains easier to remove.

Leather seats need to have a leather cleaner and conditioner applied regularly to keep them clean and to prevent them from drying out and cracking. The same products will help to keep the steering wheel clean and protected as well.

Wash the Exterior

Many experts recommend weekly baths for every vehicle. Not everyone has the ability to do this at home or the time and money to go to a car wash. It is a good idea to at least rinse every vehicle down once every couple of weeks and give them a good scrubbing about once a month. This can be especially important in winter months when an excessive amount of road salt is in use. The two things that have the greatest impact on the value of a car in the northern regions are miles and rust!

It is also important to add an extra trip to the car wash in certain circumstances. For example, wash your car after driving over a newly tarred road or exposing your car to road salt. Remember to wax the vehicle every few months for additional protection.

The resale or donation value of a vehicle should matter to every car owner. It is easier to use as collateral when it is maintained, and it will receive more as a trade-in when the time comes. If you already have a well-maintained vehicle that you feel still has some usable life in it, please consider donating it to our innovative educational program at the Newgate School.