Newgate School Partners Up with Project CAR


Newgate School Partners Up with Project CAR

Newgate School + Project CAR = A Community Win

Providing value to the community is at the heart of Newgate School’s mission. By providing tuition-free vocational training in the Twin Cities area, Newgate sets low-income young adults up for a successful automotive industry career.

A New Partner in Community Service

Newgate is pleased to announce a partnership with Project Clean Air Repair—also known as Project CAR. Part of the Environmental Initiative, Project CAR teams up with mechanics and garages to identify and correct vehicle exhaust systems in older passenger vehicles. This is especially beneficial for low-income neighbors who don’t have the financial resources to fix an old exhaust system or upgrade to a newer car. Newgate is excited to find a community partner whose ideals and activities align with those of the School.

How did Project CAR Get Started?

Recent studies estimate that 90% of vehicle air pollution is caused by just 25% of passenger vehicles with broken or outdated emission systems. Project CAR is the result of Environmental Initiative’s 2017 pilot project that partnered with The Lift Garage and Cars for Neighbors. As part of this project, these partner shops corrected the exhaust systems for 51 vehicles. Following the pilot program's success, Environmental Initiative received additional funding to continue and expand the program.

How Project CAR’s Program Works

Through Project CAR, participating garages are reimbursed by Environmental Initiative to repair catalytic converters, evaporative emission control systems, oxygen sensors, and exhaust gas recirculation valves. These services are provided at no cost or for a nominal fee to drivers from low-income households. This allows them to keep their otherwise reliable older car while reducing pollution caused by vehicle emissions.

Newgate + Project CAR

Newgate School evaluates every vehicle before accepting it for donation. A donated vehicle must be in such condition that it can be repaired in a cost-efficient manner through its auto mechanic and auto body programs. In the past, the school has had to decline vehicles with broken emission system components. Working with Project CAR, Newgate can accept more passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks that require exhaust system repair.

A Valuable Component to the Newgate Curriculum

As part of the auto mechanics training program, students learn how to diagnose and repair major vehicle components, including engine, transmission, drivetrain, and HVAC. Through its partnership with Project CAR, Newgate can now add emissions system diagnostics and repair to its comprehensive automobile curriculum.

Additionally, Project CAR’s grant funders require detailed reporting and documentation. Such reporting gives students experience with documentation, such as calculating and creating estimates for parts and labor costs. These are skills that not only prove valuable when working at a garage, but they are transferable to any other future career they choose to pursue.

Funding for Newgate School and Project CAR

Newgate School is funded through vehicle donations. Once a vehicle is repaired and reconditioned through the school’s auto body and auto mechanics programs, it is resold. The proceeds from vehicle sales fund the school’s educational and administrative activities. Through Project CAR, Newgate is reimbursed for each exhaust system repair completed in its program.

As part of the Environmental Initiative, Project CAR’s activities are funded by grants from partners including the City of Minneapolis, Flint Hills Resources, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

A Valuable Collaboration that Further Benefits the Community

Newgate School values its collaboration with Project CAR. Through this partnership, the school can accept more vehicles in its programs. This also allows Newgate to accommodate more students, sell more vehicles, and award more free cars to local working mothers through the Wheels for Women program.