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June 18, 2024

The Journey of a Car Donation

See How Your Car Donations Make a Difference

When a car donation is made to Newgate School in Minneapolis, MN, it sparks a series of events that transform the vehicle and empower many students' lives.

The story of Vineeta Sawkar’s 2011 Chevy Traverse is a prime example of how a simple act of giving can ripple through the community, offering education and hope along the way.

Vineeta Sawkar’s Generous Contribution

Vineeta Sawkar, a well-known voice from WCCO 830 AM, a legacy radio station in Minneapolis, MN, chose to donate her Chevy Traverse to Newgate School. This gesture went beyond just handing over the keys; it was about giving a new lease on life to both the car and potential students. Like many vehicles that come to Newgate, the Traverse required significant repairs. This is where the real magic happens.

Donate Your Car

Transforming Cars, Building Careers

At Newgate School, donated cars become complex classroom projects for students. This Chevy needed both mechanical and auto body repairs, making it an ideal candidate for students to practice and perfect their skills. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students worked on the Traverse, learning real-world skills in auto mechanics and body repair.

These projects are at the heart of Newgate’s mission to provide tuition-free vocational training. Students are taught how to repair a vehicle and trained in professionalism, problem-solving, and the importance of quality workmanship. This hands-on experience is invaluable, providing students with the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the automotive industry.


From Repair to Resale

Once the Chevy Traverse was restored to a road-worthy condition, it was sold at a local used car auction. This is a critical step in the journey of a donated vehicle. The sale of these cars is a practical demonstration for students of the entire lifecycle of automotive service—from diagnosis and repair to sales and customer interaction.

The proceeds from the sale go directly back to the school. This funding is essential in supporting the school’s operations, buying tools, parts, and supplies, and ensuring that the education offered remains free of charge for the students. Every car sold creates more opportunities for the students to learn and grow.

A Cycle of Giving and Learning

The journey of a donated car like Vineeta’s Traverse illustrates the sustainable cycle at Newgate School. Each vehicle provides students with a new learning module and, once refurbished and sold, financial resources to keep the school’s doors open. For donors, it’s an opportunity to contribute to the education of young adults in a meaningful, impactful way.

Why Newgate School in Minneapolis, MN, Stands Out

Donating a vehicle to Newgate isn’t just about getting rid of an old car; it’s about investing in the community's future. The school’s commitment to providing education without a tuition fee removes barriers for many aspiring students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to enter skilled trades.

Each donation story at Newgate, like Vineeta Sawkar’s and her Chevy Traverse's, shows the power of community support and education. To learn more about programs at the Newgate School or how to donate your old vehicle, contact the Newgate School today.