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March 15, 2021

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorships With a Non-profit Organization

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorships With a Non-profit Organization

Non-Profits can Win with Corporate Sponsorships

The idea of corporate sponsorship is not groundbreaking. Companies have been working with non-profit and charitable organizations for hundreds of years.

In fact, many Fortune 500 companies even dedicate certain funds towards corporate responsibility programs meant to align with non-profit groups to help better the community.

The idea of corporations throwing money into something that may not directly impact their stock price may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually an amazing plan. Here are some of the main benefits that corporate sponsors receive when they work with a non-profit organization.

Street Credit

When businesses donate money to worthy and needy causes, that company earns a better perception from the public. People love to see when corporations aren’t just worried about the bottom-line. Since these companies do often make a good deal of money, putting some of that profit back into the community is a well-received gesture.

While every consumer doesn’t consider a company’s charitable donations when making purchases, some shoppers pay very close attention to this. There are enough people who go out of their way to support companies that care about the community that it’s worth the effort.

Greater Visibility

The mere act of making a financial donation to a non-profit helps a company stand out in the eyes of the community. Often, companies will get to put their names and logos on the non-profit’s newsletter, advertisements, event flyers, and more. People who see these PR pieces also see the donating organization’s information, which increases the company’s brand recognition.

In some cases, corporations make large enough donations to justify naming a conference room, computer lab, library, or even building after them. This kind of visibility is worth the cost because it increases overall sales. It’s almost too easy to sell a product when everyone already knows who you are and believes that you care about your community.

Plenty of Perks

Another benefit that corporations enjoy when donating to a non-profit organization is that contributions often come with perks. For example, a local museum may have a large gala event with fancy foods, special celebrity guests, and classy music. Corporations that make donations to that museum may be invited to attend the gala with free tickets. The company may also get special access to celebrity guests or to a VIP area.

While corporations don’t typically donate to a local charity just to get free tickets to an event, non-profits do want to thank donors for their generosity.

Your Business Can Help

At the Newgate School, we work with at-risk adults to help them improve their lives. Our school offers tuition-free programs that teach students valuable skills that will land them good-paying and honest jobs. To maintain our program, we rely on donated cars and funds from the community. Our students learn to repair those cars, and the proceeds from those vehicle sales go back into funding the programs.

If your company is looking for a way to make an impactful difference in the community, we’d love to talk to you about partnering with the Newgate School. Give us a call, and let’s start a conversation that could change the shape of our community.