Auto Body Training

Newgate School is a tuition-free vocational school with a personalized program and a high success rate. The training program generally lasts about 18 months. The teacher-student ratio is low, 1 to 6, which allows for individualized instruction and extra help if English is not the student's native language. Students proceed at their own pace working on individual projects or as part of a team solving larger problems.

Newgate students learn basic skills that will prepare them for a variety of apprenticeships in the auto industry. They will also develop life skills and self-confidence, and learn how to get a good job and how to keep it.

The auto body program began in 1975. Newgate auto body graduates are working throughout the Twin Cities.


Collision repair centers, customizing shops, restoration services, auto accessory shops, hot rod shops.

Newgate instructors are skilled automotive technicians who have the practical knowledge that could only come from their many years of work in auto body shops. They know first-hand what they’re teaching and what their students need to learn.

Throughout the training process, each student is guided toward developing responsible behavior, a strong work ethic, and the confidence needed to succeed in a career.


Detailing including

  • Interior cleaning including extraction
  • Buffing & polishing
  • Inspection procedures for all vehicle fluids
  • Identifying body & mechanical problems
  • Introduction to small dent repair
  • Introduction to basic welding
  • Tire repair
  • Pin-striping

Auto Body

  • Planning sequence of repairs
  • Panel replacement &alignment; bonding procedures
  • Rubber bumper & plastic parts repairs
  • Dent repair—for metals & plastics
  • Basic electrical
  • Glass replacement
  • Welding—using wire feed & torches


  • Surface preparation & sanding
  • Taping, priming; sealers
  • Color mixing & matching; cleaners
  • Wet sand & buffing

Introduction to Frame

  • Understanding gauges & set-up
  • Basic pulling
  • Suspension & alignment
  • Understanding uni-body & framed vehicles

Safety & environmental procedures