Why Newgate



At Newgate School, we turn your car and truck donations into tuition-free auto body and auto mechanical training for low income young adults. These students want careers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul auto industry, and they thrive with our hands-on instruction.
Newgate’s experienced instructors teach a full curriculum of auto repair skills. They also teach what’s expected on the job: punctuality, civility, honesty, responsibility. In the words of one of our students, “Our instructors are like our uncles. They want us to succeed.”

Newgate School's mission is to elevate Minnesota's young adults out of challenging lifestyles and low-paying jobs into lives of personal fulfillment and self-sufficiency. We're a small school with a powerful message. 


  • Maximize your tax deduction, often as high as "Private-Party Fair Market Value" tax deductions
  • Support Newgate's tuition-free automotive repair school and job placement for low-income young adults 
  • Help single working moms with our "Wheels for Women" transportation assistance program
  • "Don't Trade It; Donate It!" 

1. YOU WILL MAXIMIZE YOUR TAX DEDUCTION:  When you donate your vehicle – car, van or truck – to Newgate School, you will receive a tax deduction. The value of the donation, according to IRS rules, is based on how we use your car. If your donated vehicle is used for auto training or the “Wheels” program, you will receive the best tax deduction possible: private-party, fair market value.

 We use many cars directly in our programs. Our students benefit greatly from training on cars with modern technology. Repairable vehicles of all years are welcome at Newgate School.

If your car is not used in the “Wheels” program or as a training vehicle, your car will be sold. Your deduction is then the selling price, or the minimum deduction of $500. Our charity is based on our knowledge of cars, and our reputation is excellent at the auto auction. That typically means our vehicles generate higher prices which translates into higher deductions for our donors.

2. YOU ARE SUPPORTING JOB TRAINING FOR LOW-INCOME YOUNG ADULTS: At Newgate, the proceeds from your car, and often the car itself, are used to help train unemployed or under-employed adults for high-demand careers in auto body repair and auto mechanics. When you donate your car to Newgate, you offer the hand-up we know is the key to each student’s future success in life and work – Minnesotans helping Minnesotans.

Newgate is known for it's Self-Sustaining financial policy. Our daily operations are funded completely by your donations. Most cars are ultimately sold, and these dollars alone fund the school operations and automotive career training programs as well as the "Wheels" program described below.

3. YOU WILL ASSIST SINGLE WORKING MOMS: Newgate School’s “Wheels for Women” transportation assistance program is also funded by your vehicle donations https://www.newgateschool.org/our-programs/wheels-for-women  Newgate awards complimentary rebuilt cars to promising single working moms from the Twin Cities who are struggling to become self-supporting. Your reliable, modern vehicle donations are valuable to this program.

4. "DON'T TRADE IT; DONATE IT” We trademarked this phrase because donating to Newgate can be an effective alternative to trading. Check out: https://www.newgateschool.org/donate/what-kinds-of-vehicles