Student Spotlight: Meet Shawna!


Shawna is one of the awesome new students in our Auto Mechanics program at Newgate. She grew up in a family that races cars so was around engines her whole life. Her initial career choice took her into health care where she spent 10 years nursing, but she always maintained her interest in cars and worked part-time at a local auto parts store. She eventually realized she was burned out on nursing and started thinking about what other careers she could get into for the future.

Then her car broke down and she was told the new radiator she needed would cost $600! Instead, Shawna went and bought the parts it needed for $100 and installed it herself. That got her thinking she could work on engines for a living. It was fun and with the right schooling she could make some good money. That's when she learned about Newgate from a colleague at work.

At first she didn't really believe it. What school would train her in auto mechanics for free? But she came in and talked with Dennis, Newgate's transportation manager, and Mike, who runs the Auto Mechanics program. It was a great fit and she started the program once an opening became available. She's a couple of months in now, and loves the training she's received so far. She gets her own vehicles to work on, and there's always someone available to help out with a problem if she needs it.

Once she graduates, she plans to continue working at her current auto parts company as a service writer. She'll make a great living using her training to evaluate and diagnose vehicle problems, and looks forward to enjoying her work everyday. She's a great example of what Newgate School is all about and we look forward to following up on Shawna's story in the future!

Shawna with her latest car project