Newgate School is now open for both in-office and touchless donations.

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In the News

You’ve probably heard of Newgate School in the news, but if you haven’t, we are the best way to donate your old car that might have been sitting for too long. We'll find it a new home where it can be reborn, all while teaching people to work on cars.

A Non-Profit for Cars that Gives Back

Our non-profit is in the news for the incredible work we do for lower income young adults to learn important skills they can use in a career they love. Once these community members have learned the skills and repaired multiple cars, Newgate gives back to the community again by gifting qualified cars to working single mothers so they can have a reliable and safe way to get to work and transport their children.

Why Donate?

When you donate your car to Newgate School you are supporting local youth and the local economy by helping provide a path to a successful career for hundreds of aspiring students. These graduates go on to get good paying jobs and become successful, self-sustaining members of our community. Newgate will also work with you to ensure you receive the maximum possible tax deduction for your donation. Donate your car today and make a difference in someone’s life!